More and More Anesthesia Providers are Discovering the Cobra Drape Clip™!

Finally there’s a better way! It’s hard enough administering anesthesia without having to worry about missing drape clips, tangled and unorganized wires and suction. Let’s face it, the stress and complications an Anesthesia Provider can experience decreases as organization increases.

If you’re like most seasoned Anesthesia Providers you probably have come across these situations more than you care to:

  • Have you ever had a surgeon hand you a sterile drape, only to find there is no clip, then at the same time the assistant is handing you the other side?
  • Have you ever been annoyed by excessive, tangled, redundant wires?
  • Don’t you wish your suction was in the same location every time, readily available in the split second you will need it?
  • Have you ever seen the protective sterile cover from the Yankauer suction tip on the floor?

If you’ve been waiting for the right devise to address these issues, you don’t have to wait any longer! The Cobra Drape Clip™:

  • Solves the problem and expense of never losing, or having to replace, the anesthesia drape clip.
  • Includes three separate channels to help organize your monitor wires, keeping them ready for when you need them and off of the floor.
  • Includes a built-in port to harness the Yankauer suction catheter – designed to keep it close to the patient when you need it.
  • An additional clip keeps the protective cover secured to the Yankauer suction catheter, eliminating contamination.
  • The Cobra Drape Clip is sold individually and is used as a set. One on the right IV pole, one of the left IV pole. It has a universal design.
  • Additional uses include a place to hang your twitch monitor, stethoscope, IV lines or attach your arterial line transducer, which can be adjusted to the desired height.

The Cobra Drape Clip™ gives you a clear advantage and keeps you ahead of the game!

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